Evernote formatting shortcut

Found myself wanting to quickly format a text selection in an Evernote note that contained a code snippet. For example:

… when writing a class that implements the IImageProcessor interface …

The quickest built-in way is to bring up the font dialog with Ctrl-D. But the font must still be selected. So then I found this page which led me to do the following:

1. Install AutoHotKey

2. Create a script file, EvernoteMods.ahk, in My Documents. The script contents are:

; Windows_Key-N will run Evernote
#n::Run evernote.exe

; Ctrl-Alt-C will bring up the font dialog, then set the
; consolas font
Send, ^d
Send consolas{enter}

3. Double-click the script to install it.

Now I can use the Windows Key with N to start Evernote, and also use Ctrl-Alt-C to set the consolas font on a text selection.

I couldn’t quickly figure how to have my shortcut only run if Evernote was running. The example on the comments here didn’t work for me.